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Feel Like a Virgin: The Science of Intimate Makeover

by Caitline Rosseci,, December 9, 2017

There are some women who place their well-being last in the order of their priorities. Having too many roles in their lives, finding and making time for their health and well-being just means going to spas, massages, hair salons and nail care. They focus more on skin or face, and some of them even spend a huge amount of money just to get it done.

Female wellness awareness has been on the rise for the past few years and it sheds light on what is the idea of a healthy woman. It has been said that woman has two faces, the one we show to the world and would spend a lot of money for its rejuvenation and the other face is located “down there”, the vagina.

Mention the word vagina and people tend to be embarrassed or not comfortable talking about it. As women, we have issues with our vagina, but we can’t discuss about it even to our closest friends. The topic is as taboo as sex and not to be discussed openly. We tend to be secretive when it comes to it.


During the event entitled Intimate Affairs held at the Sionil Jose Function Room, The Peninsula Manila last November 29, 2017, Dra. Annebelle Aherrera, a renowned practitioner with over 25 years specializing in Obstetrics & Gynecology, led the talk on one of her specialization – the “science of the most intimate makeover.” It is a topic on vaginal rejuvenation which is a procedure that is often dismissed as a cosmetic luxury only or for sexual pleasure purposes.


Did you know that as woman grows older, their vagina also ages? Through the years, the vagina goes through a transformation. After pregnancy, the vagina tends to loosen or in cases like aging, menopause or post-delivery, women can experience lubrication and laxity problem among others and these can have impact to their over-all health.

Recently, ‘vaginal rejuvenation’ seems to have caught up with women and the surge of interest has had several of them go through this procedure that will help regain their lost elasticity and rejuvenate the vaginal tissue.

What is the major goal of vaginal rejuvenation? Dra. Aherrera shared and showed why some women go through this procedure. Not for anything else like intimacy, some women feel less confident if they have problems ‘down there.’ Rejuvenation, she said, can help tone the appearance of a vagina or help in strengthening its muscle. But no, it can’t make you a reborn virgin, but it has the same feeling.

With today’s advances in aesthetic gynecology and cosmetic vulvovaginal surgery, rejuvenation can either be a surgical or a non-surgical procedure. It has hardly any post-operative downtime experience and most patients are extremely pleased with the immediate and successful results​.

One of the procedure you can avail at the Vaginal Aesthetic Rejuvenation is the Temperature-Controlled Radio Frequency. This is a non-surgical and non-invasive FDA-approved radio frequency treatment and helps revive and restore loose skin, loose vaginal wall, dry vulva and dry vagina, loose mucosa, loss of sensitivity and fascial support.

The radio frequency energy or heat is delivered deeply into the tissues using a wand-like hand piece. Because of the massaging effect of the warm heat, radio frequency enhances tightening of the skin and stimulates new and tighter collagen remodelling. By this, there is increased blood flow to the labia and clitoris thereby increasing sensitivity and help to improve orgasmic activity. Additionally, the vaginal mucosa thickens and tightens resulting in improved moisture and friction during intercourse.

Several patients came during the event with their testimonies and recommendations. Mostly said they did it for themselves and that as women, they deserve to feel good. One complained of pain and discomfort so she wanted a life-altering choice for herself.

At the end of the day, the talk opened the participants’ minds that it’s their body and they have to feel good about it. Women should not suffer when there is an option that can help in transforming their lives.

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