A non-surgical and non-invasive FDA-approved radio frequency treatment is also available that helps revive and restore loose skin, loose vaginal wall, dry vulva and dry vagina , loose mucosa, loss of sensitivity and fascial support.

The radio frequency energy or heat is delivered deeply into the tissues using a wand-like hand piece. Because of the massaging effect of the warm heat, radio frequency enhances tightening of the skin and stimulates new and tighter collagen remodeling. By this, there is increased blood flow to the labia and clitoris thereby increasing sensitivity and help to improve orgasmic activity. Additionally, the vaginal mucosa thickens and tightens resulting in improved moisture and friction during intercourse.

Conditions best addressed by noninvasive radio frequency (RF) treatment include the following:

​Vulvar/Labial Laxity: tightening the labial tissues reduce the “sag and camel toes”. End result would be a prominently softer and smoother skin resulting in more comfortable feeling.

Vaginal Laxity: tightening the opening and full length of the vagina enhances improvement in sensation.

Vaginal dryness/atrophic vaginitis: the heat massage results in softer and thicker skin with increased moisture both internally and externally. ​

​​Mild to moderate stress incontinence: Patients with involuntary loss of urine with coughing , sneezing, laughing, exercising, or sex can have their stress urinary incontinence corrected along with enhancement of sexual gratification.

Vaginal Aesthetic Rejuvenation

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