Aherrera Wellness Group

The Aherrera Wellness Group (AWG) is Dr. Aherrera’s springboard in pursuit of her feminine wellness advocacy. AWG’s mission is to reach out and heighten self-awareness of the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional – overall feminine well-being. This is achieved through synergized education of the complexities of the female reproductive health system and its intimate changes, achieving the wholesome liberating feeling of wellness. Moreover, this feminine wellness advocacy reaches out to those who are quietly experiencing some form of intimate dysfunction and because of fear, embarrassment, neglect, denial or simply ignorance, have chosen to remain silent. To achieve this phenomenal liberating feeling, each woman must be mindful and fully understand the complexities of the female reproductive health system. Only when one acquires knowledge of these intimate changes/dysfunctions, can she achieve a wholesome understanding of feeling good. Through AWG, with additional knowledge and alternatives, these life- altering choices promote a better quality of life and achieve a wholesome liberating feeling of wellness.

Feminine intimate health is now an emerging trend and what was considered taboo or unspoken topic has become an issue more openly discussed due to changes that a woman goes through the different intricacies of her life cycle – from childhood, adulthood, pregnancy, childbirth, pre and postmenopausal phases (aging process).

Vaginal Aesthetic Rejuvenation

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