Vaginal Aesthetic Rejuvenation

The Science of the Most Intimate Makeover™

Dr. Aherrera founded Vaginal Aesthetic Rejuvenation Philippines to provide women in the Philippines the golden opportunity for an intimate restoration and a level of satisfaction and confidence never before achieved until now.

Vaginal aesthetic rejuvenation in the Philippines traces its roots in aesthetic vaginal procedures pioneered by renowned gynecologist David L. Matlock, MD, founder and director of the Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of America (LVRIA) in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California. Dr. Matlock pioneered Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation® (LVR®) and Designer Laser Vaginoplasty® (DLV®). Dr. Matlock has been responsible in helping women worldwide in achieving the ultimate intimate makeover. For over two decades since its inception, these procedures have laid the foundation for the empowerment of women through knowledge, choice and healthy alternatives for their overall health and sexual well-being.

These unique vulvovaginal surgical procedures have attracted gynecologists from all over the globe including Annebelle D. Aherrera, MD, OB-GYN and consultant at Makati Medical Center and The Medical City. Dr. Aherrera trained under Dr. Matlock and is an accredited Associate of the Laser Vaginal Institute of America and brought these novel procedures to the Philippines.

Dr. Aherrera is the first hospital-based, Philippine board-certified OB-GYN to provide these gynecologic procedures since 2007. Dr. Aherrera states:

“My training with the Laser Vaginal Institute of America empowers women in the Philippines with life-altering choices that exceeds expectations, strengthens the bond of partnership and provides the golden opportunity for the excitement and enjoyment of life.”

To further broaden her knowledge and expertise, Dr. Aherrera embarked on an innovative nonsurgical procedure developed and pioneered as early as 2007 by Dr. Red Alinsod, renowned Filipino OB-GYN from Laguna Beach, California, director and founder of Alinsod institute of Aesthetic Vulvovaginal Surgery (AIAVS). Dr. Aherrera trained under him and witnessed the many innovative techniques in this newly evolving field of aesthetic vulvovaginal surgery.

A temperature-controlled radio-frequency (THERMIVA®) procedure is the first non-surgical FDA-approved vaginal restoration procedure. THERMIVA® treatment is a healthy alternative for women who suffer not only from functional and aesthetic impairments but from the process of aging. THERMIVA® does the following:

1) Helps revive and restore loose sagging labial skin;

2) Restores loose vaginal wall;

3) Renews dry vulva and dry vagina;

4) Restores loss of sensitivity and fascial support.

Vaginal Aesthetic Rejuvenation

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